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Ayurvedic Massage + Bodywork

Garshana + Abhyanga Massage

90 Minute ... $230

Signature Ayurvedic Massage


GARSHANA is a silk glove massage that exfoliates the skin and stimulates lymphatic flow and drainage. It is a preparation for the Abhyanga massage and is offered in this combination.  and may be added to other treatments when indicated.


ABHYANGA MASSAGE is a rhythmic full-body massage that promotes arterial and lymphatic circulation and drainage that facilitates cleansing, rejuvenation, and deep relaxation. The heated Ayurvedic oils are selected according to your dosha and condition. 

Abhyanga Massage

60 Minute ... $200

Shirodhara Massage (Face, Head + Neck)

 60 Minute ... $200

Shirodhara + Vishesh Massage

120 Minute ... $375

Brain and Nervous System Rejuvenation

SHIRODHARA  is good for brain health and nourishment, and soothing and calming the nervous system, by synchronizing brain waves, stilling the mind, enhancing blood circulation to the brain, nourishing the hair and scalp and aiding in the release of stress and tension, it is energizing yet relaxing.  


Session includes a massage to the head neck and face followed by warm Ayurvedic oil poured in a gentle stream onto the forehead. 

Deep Ayurvedic Massage

VISHESH is a vigorous, stimulating massage activates circulation, breaks up toxic adhesions, stimulates lymphatic flow and guides impurities out of the body. Warm Ayurvedic herbalized oil, selected according to your Ayurvedic constitution and condition are used.

Udhvartana Massage + Herbal Steam

90 Minute ... $300

Purifying Massage + Body Scrub

UDHVARTANA is a stimulating massage and body scrub with herbal powders and warm oils to powerfully exfoliate and deeply detoxify the tissues, recommended in Ayurveda for purification, weight loss, lymphatic drainage, circulation, musculoskeletal problems, and deep detoxification. 

This treatment includes an herbal steam(Swedena).

Marma Chikitsa (Energy Healing)

60 Minute ... $150

Marma Chikitsa + Shirodhara

90 Minute ... $300

Subtle & Powerful Energetic Balancing


MARMA CHIKITSA is tailored to the unique needs of the client as per their constitution, age, condition, and belief system. Marma points are vital energy points on the body, similar to shiatsu points and are used as a diagnostic tool and for healing on every level, affecting body, mind and consciousness.

Marmani will either be stimulated or calmed, purified and balanced, providing increased circulation, nourishment, relaxation, and ultimately open the doorway deeper consciousness, clear perception, awareness and healing. The session will include light or deep pressure to specific points with AROMA THERAPY. We use only the finest high quality organic essential oils, tailored to your unique constitution.  We may also use gem stones, vibrational tuning, and Chakra Balancing, tailored to the needs of the individual.

Nasya (Nasal Treatment)

30 Minute ... $150


Opening of the Sinuses


NASYA includes a head, neck and face massage to assist with opening up of the nasal passageway, followed by herbalized nose drops(Nasya Oil) to be administered into the nose and back into the nasal passages. In ayurvedic medicine, the nose is considered the gateway for prana, or life force energy. Nasya is a wonderful treatment to help with opening up the sinuses, addressing dry nose in the winter months, or alleviating symptoms of seasonal allergies. 

Oil Disclaimer: Most Ayurvedic Treatments will leave remnants of oil in your hair + on your body. Please plan on showering after leaving a session to remove any excess oil!
**Ayurvedic massage is currently  unavailable to book online. To book an Ayurvedic treatment, please reach out directly via text, phone, or email.**
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