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Massage + Bodywork

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120 Minute ... $250

Sarga Bodywork is a barefoot  massage method that was founded and developed by Daniel Tsukayama and Jivatma (Jiva) Messaguer at the Still & Moving Center in Hawaii and has since won international aclaim. This practice enables the practitioner to gain tensional support and force from a silk fabric strap fastened to the underside of a massage table. The practitioner wraps into the silk strap with their body. Then by pulling up on the fabric with their hands and applying downward pressure with their body, this added energy is safely and effectively transferred onto the recipient’s body for a deeply relaxing effect. The combination of gravitational and tensional force with this method allows the practitioner to deliver consistent, oblique pressure to provide a uniquely effective myofascial release therapy. The practitioner utilizes the broad, densely innervated surfaces of their feet as perhaps THE most effective and intelligent tool for this purpose! To learn more about Sarga Bodywork please visit the Sarga Bodywork FAQ page.

Thai Yoga Bodywork
90 Minute ... $200
120 Minute ... $250



Thai yoga bodywork, or sometimes called "Thai yoga" or "lazy persons yoga", focuses on improving and balancing the flow of energy throughout the body and combines dynamic-assisted stretching influenced by yoga with physical pressure applied along the 10 energy lines influenced by Chinese acupuncture and Ayurveda. (In Thai massage, these energy pathways are known as Sen Sib or Sens.)

During a Thai yoga session, the recipient will lie on a futon like mat on the floor while the practitioner uses compression, stretching, pulling, and rocking techniques to relieve tension, release stress, promote relaxation, increase clarity, and improve flexibility and circulation. The practitioner may use their hands, thumbs, elbows, forearms, and, yes sometimes, even they're (very clean!) feet during a session.

To support balancing the body’s energies, the basic principle of Thai massage is to start from the extremities of the body (laterally), working towards the core of the body (medially), and then back to the extremities. This ensures the flow of energy though the sens and also improves blood circulation throughout the body.


Always inform your practitioner of any injuries before a session.

Thai yoga bodywork is typically done in silence, but if anything becomes uncomfortable during a session always let your practitioner know. 

Thai yoga bodywork is an ancient practice with many benefits that are supported by modern science. It may reduce the severity of your headaches, decrease lower-back and joint pain, increase your flexibility, calm your anxieties, and energize your mind and body. 


Thai Abdominal Massage
90 Minute ... $230


In many cultures, the organs of the abdominal cavity are considered to be the "Universe of the Body". It is believed that many of the aches, pains, illness, disease, etc. you experience can stem from the core. Thai Abdominal Massage unlocks the tension carried in the mesentery ligament, which provides structural support to your organs. Thai Abdominal Massage offers a deep, but slow & gentle approach to releasing the abdominal cavity; muscles, organs, ribs, low back, and hips. While incorporating the heat of a steamed Thai herbal compress to invite a deep relaxation of the parasympathetic nervous system, you can experience the complete decompression your body craves. It is not uncommon to fall asleep or come to a subconscious level during this silent treatment. 

Dried Thai herbs include: lemongrass, turmeric, ginger, tamarind leaf, kephir lime, orange blossom, & galangal root. 

During a Thai abdominal massage, the recipient will lie on a futon like mat on the floor. Some gentle Thai yoga bodywork is also incorporated into a 90 minute session. 

As with any modality, it is important to let your practitioner know of any ailments or injuries before a session. 

Foot Reflexology

90 Minute ... $230


Reflexology is an ancient Chinese medicine. Did you know the soles of the feet alone house over 2000 nerve endings? It is believed that specific points of the feet correlate to corresponding areas in the body though energy channels known as meridians. These 10 channels run vertically up and down the body, represented by each of the toes. 

During a Reflexology session at Telluride Bodyworks, the recipient will lie on a futon like mat on the floor (as in Thai yoga). Some Thai yoga bodywork may also incorporated into a 90 minute session.

As with any modality, it is important to let your practitioner know of any ailments or injuries before a session. 

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